I'm a third year B.Tech CS student with a specialised course in Cloud Computing. I have developed quite appreciable skills in a lot of fields like Web Designing, Graphics Designing, Competitive Coding etc. Throughout my life I have been quite a bright student who loved everything about computers. I have played a hell of a lot of games to count and I am totally into old School Electronic Music.

Being good at what you love or loving what you're good at? Does it even matter?

My Portfolio


[Angular PWA (Progressive Web Application)]

Developed with , Thanks to PokéAPI.
I strongly recommend Chrome/Chromium based browsers for the best experience.

Recipe Book

[Angular SPA (Single Page Application)]

A beautiful, minimalistic and brisk app to demonstrate my angular skills !!!


[Online Zip Archive Utility]

A simplistic and elegant tool everyone needs !!!

Neon Z

[Multi-platform Indie Game]

Powered by Unity


[Fully Functioning Theme Store]

Powered by Wordpress

My Pokémon Trainer Avatar

[Vector Artwork /Adobe Illustrator]

Inspired By Ken Sugimori Art Style
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  • GLA University
  • Mathura, Uttar Pradesh
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